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Winning in america



The Winning In America team comes from all walks of life bringing their own unique style and experiences to the classroom. Each teacher brings their professional expertise through the arts expanding the horizon of knowledge, creativity and self-expression to every lesson. Here you get a chance to dive deep into each instructors teachings as a team member of the Winning In America program. 

Christian Townsend

Christian Townsend is an Artist thats been teaching and performing in Cleveland recreation centers and schools. Using creative dance combinations to

elevate confidence

and self awareness

is truly his passion.


Desiree A. Yarbrough

A faithful servant to children, Miss Yarbrough takes pride in her passion that just so happens to be her line of work.
Through dance, stepping , & singing Yarbrough has been able to use her experiences to develop 100’s of youth to believe in themselves, their future, and the legacy that they are preparing.


Salima Moyo Smith

Salima Smith is an arts educator and consultant, serving communities

and institutions with an emphasis on cultural enrichment. She has a proven track record for

assisting teachers with discovering creative approaches to instruction by incorporating music, poetry

and prose to

common core standards. 


Darnell Weaver

Teaching Artist specializing in
Dance: modern, ballet, lyrical, liturgical,

hip hop, body alignment and choreography
Music: theory, viola,

violin, cello, piano,

choir, song writing, arranging and composition
Theater: directing,

stage management, script writing, acting, and character development

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Who We Are

We are the Winning In America program. A team of artist, musicians, dancers, educators and performers. Teaching in and through the arts. We turn everyday classrooms and arenas into magical worlds for expression and creativity. With the Winning In America team our goal is not just to educate but to awaken the genius in each student. Students learn new skill sets revolved around the arts. They also learn what it takes to be competitive and productive on a daily basis in Americas capitalistic economy. 

Our Mission

The innovative discovery that transforms schools' staffs' and students' from the inside out - "Awakens the Genius and Leadership Within" - creates Team, Family, and Unity for a successful school culture. Teachers show passion and students once again experience the joy of learning in a welcoming safe environment. 

I Can, I Will, I'll Try is the new mind set.

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